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Protection Card


Small Square Card (Personal Protection)

The Personal Protector card works with the fire element and is designed to be worn on the body or in a Vortex pendant.

Do you feel sometimes that your energy level changes as you interact with different people around you? Have you witnessed the difference between light, uplifting energy and dense, draining energy – between people, or between being in nature versus a crowded city street?

The Personal Protector card works on the assumption that harmful energies can drain our personal energy field. The mechanism of protection is the infusion of light into our energetic field. Activating the fire element in us promotes this infusion and helps to counterbalance influences in our field which may be unwelcome. Reports of many practitioners and energy workers reveal that wearing the Personal Protector card, especially during treatments but also throughout the day, results in a greater experience of resiliency as opposed to feeling drained.

More specifically, the function of the Personal Protector card is to strengthen, expand and raise the frequency of the auric field of the wearer in order to help to neutralise the effects of electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs), geopathic stress and potential negative energies emanating from other people and the environment.

Doming Card

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